Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ready to Hibernate?

This week we started writing and thinking about our weekly wonder.  The wonder questions are from a website called Wonderopolis and a link can be found on our class web page.  It is another way for us to learn and think about science during our very busy day.  This week the wonder was all about hibernation.  We compared migrating and hibernating and talked about how food supplies really effect what animals do in the winter in Vermont.  I asked the crickets which animal they thought hibernated the longest, and I asked them if they were getting ready to hibernate what would they do?  I know I would fill up on all of my favorite foods, find a soft feather bed, wear my favorite hoodie, cover up with my down comforters and snooze away.


  1. KS
    I would tack my pillo and my chedblacit in a cave.

  2. DG
    I would find a goose fether an bring baery an blaky an lighit blue bunney.

  3. Dw
    Iwould dig into theground.

  4. EB I would sleep in my bed. I would bring my blanket.

  5. WBM
    I woud sleep in my bed with alot of blankis.

  6. ks i hibnat in my house in my livn room i snug wiv my dad we red or i wei woch teve.

  7. C.N.
    I would git a lot of stobraer.
    I would slep in my bed.

  8. EN I well bid a nest in the

  9. cl
    I put my pjamus on for wintr in the haws.

  10. LL
    I would eat all of the Food

    and would sieep with all my Blaacit

    and my stuftaanmols.

  11. CL
    I would get all of my blakets and cover up.

  12. Cb
    I would dig into the groond and sleep
    undr groond.

  13. LNT
    I would put wheels on my haws and my bed
    and I would bring my pink dot dot blankite
    and my flawr blakite and for me to eat I would
    eat helthy food.

  14. AS
    I WIL slEp in mY bED WITH my STUF animal monkey.

  15. TM
    I would make a nest in a tree to hibernate.

  16. ALS
    i am proud when I am being respectful resposile and caring.